diciembre 27, 2019

The Informer 2020 Dual Audio AVI free torrent

The world of Special Ops winger Pete Koslow (Joel Kinnama) has been turned upside down after being imprisoned in a battle to protect his wife (Ana de Armas). He was given the opportunity to be released initially as an FBI informant (Oscar nominees Rosamund Pike and Clive Owen) and used his hidden skills in operations to launch the most powerful crime bomber in New York, General. But when the FBI finally decided to serve Koslow, his freedom led to the death of the NYPD secret police, Koslow found himself at the intersection of the public and the FBI. The general insisted that Koslow warmed up and sent him back to prison to perform drug operations there, and the FBI confirmed that returning to prison to make a general offer was Koslow’s way of trading with them. An outcast, Koslow must return to prison, where he plans to break ties with three of New York’s most powerful organizations, the public, the NYPD and the FBI, to save himself and his family.

The Informer 2020